The consumers of today do their due diligence and proper research before it comes down to buying a product or using a service. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can really help small, medium and big businesses scale in terms of, calls,  inquiries, and targeted traffic to their website from purposefully driven leads, with the singular goal of overall growth. And all of that just from Google.

With that being said it’s extremely hard to compete in a market where other businesses and competitors have bigger budgets and more time to invest in their online marketing strategies.

This is where we come in! Above Apex focuses on leveraging the upside of Google and the digital marketing service for small and medium businesses at an affordable cost:

What is the cost breakdown?

We use data based on the research we would undertake both of your niche and your competitors, combined with your needs and goals we would determine the number of hours and time frame each customer needs to rank on the first page.

We would take all this data combine it with the customer’s SEO preferences and build an optimal package that would deliver the work our client is looking for.

A dedicated team works with each customer to come to a consensus of the work needed to rank.

Many agencies overcharge for the work it takes to rank in a customer’s area, or they underfund a campaign so a customer cannot rank. Avoid these companies, as overcharging and underfunding are both simply schemes to keep money flowing with no SEO results.

There are three major factors that determine the price of a quality SEO campaign with the first one being the market or the niche in which your business operates.
The category of a business’s product or service and it’s relation to the competition is a real cornerstone of the amount of work and spend needed to achieve the optimal results. For example, the competition for a heating company in Arizona would most likely be slim due to the region’s hot climate. However, a heating company in Portland would likely need to spend a much bigger amount on SEO and stand out from the competition in its market.

The size of the market location is the second important factor when determining the cost of SEO. A singular business looking to rank in smaller marketing with low competition does not need to spend as much on SEO, whereas larger, more urban markets with a lot of heavy competition require greater SEO efforts and budgeting because beating the competition is much harder. Local establishments that want to position themselves outside of their actual location are looking and a much bigger budget because it takes more extensive work to convince Google that your business is relevant and important for the specific location.

Last but not least the cost of the SEO depends on the number of keywords a website is looking to rank for and their competitiveness. The bigger the number of the desired keywords and the higher their competitiveness the more time it takes and the higher the cost. It’s important to understand that not all keywords and not all businesses are created equally, so steer clear of SEO companies that base their prices entirely on the keyword count. The bigger part of the companies operate on a basis of a flat rate, plus an hourly rate for the actual SEO work. Any reputable SEO company considers the market, the size of the market, and the number of keywords when determining the cost for the SEO work needed to achieve results.

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How much does SEO cost?

How do I know I am getting my money’s worth?

When researching for an SEO company it’s vital to ask companies about how they charge for their services. Ask them if they charge an hourly rate and what the rate is. If a specific company simply charges you a flat fee and doesn’t disclose what SEO work that fee covers, consider that a big red flag. SEO companies that can bring value inform their customers what they are charing and what is the work done for that price.

There are a number of metrics that can illustrate whether your SEO efforts are making an impact and progressing properly but the ones that can clearly give you an idea are just a few.

The first and one of the most prominent ones is your website’s placement in the SERPs. Your rankings for the keywords that your agency is working on should be increasing over time.

With that being said the next thing you should see an increase in almost immediately is the traffic from organic sources. And the best place to check this is Google Analytics. There you can also see data on where the traffic is coming from specifically which is another aspect that can give you an idea of your Agency’s work.

It’s important to check your rankings updates manually as well by simply typing your specific keyword in Google (incognito would be best) and see whether what you are seeing and the data provided are the same.

What is the ROI of SEO?

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