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What is an SEO Audit?

How does your website look in the eyes of Google or any other search engine?

This is the question that the SEO Audit answers! There are numerous important factors that are taken into account from the Bots that crawl your website and we make sure to check all of them in-depth, as this results in higher rankings and more traffic.

SEO Audit Services
Full SEO Audit

Why do you need an SEO Audit?

Covering all aspects of your website’s performance is vital simply because that is the starting point of any SEO campaign and even if you put plenty of focus and work on other aspects of the SEO campaign they might not be as effective if your website isn’t “healthy” in the eyes of Google.

And not only that but even if you drive visitors to your website, they might not convert if the website isn’t user-friendly build or working properly?

Aspects of our SEO Audit

Тechnical Audit

Crawling & Indexing, Responsive Code, Robots.txt, Sitemap.xml, SEF URL, Redirects, Duplicate Content and Thin Content Analysis, Canonical Tags, Hreflang, Pagination, Internal links, External links & Pagerank, Crawling budget, Image Optimization, Mobile Friendliness, Microformats, Loading Speed Test.


Keywords and Semantic Research

Keyword Research and Analysis, Target Keywords Definition, Term Analysis, Related Keywords, Keywords Difficulty Check, Keywords Competition, Keywords Stats, Keyword Grouping and Clustering.


Website Content Audit

Keyword Placement, Semantic Optimisation, Topical Relevancy, Content Freshness and Uniqueness, Meta Tags, On-page elements


Backlinks Profilе Audit

Domain & Page Rating, Backlink Types, Anchor Text Analysis, Backlinks Relevancy, Referring Domains, Traffic, Brand Mention, Citation, Top pages by organic search, Linked domains, Lost & Broken Backlinks 


Competition Research

Top Competitors, Technical Analysis, Keywords Analysis, Content Strategy Analysis, Link Profile Analysis, Ranked Pages Analysis, Traffic Analysis.

SEO Auditing Steps

The steps we take when SEO Auditing

We take things even further and you can see that in the steps we take:


We start with determining your marketing goals and creating the most accurate buyer persona that is possible. That by itself would enable us to do a proper Keyword Research and Semantic Research so we can find the most optimal keywords for your website that would bring maximum results.


With the first step being completely done we would proceed with the Website Analysis on all vital fronts and in Google’s eyes. Methods like Technical Audit, Content Analysis, Backlinks Profile Analysis, Competition Research and more would be a part of that.


After we are done with all aspects of the Analysis we would structure all the information and provide it with actionable data on how to tackle those problems and get the most out of Google. Additionally, to that, we would not only present the information but be a part of the process by helping you understand anything and clarify on any questions you might have. 

If everything sounds okay and you see the value in the analysis we have done, our team can prepare a whole Strategy for growing your business and driving new targeted clients!

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